Most of Poland Beaches situate by the Baltic Sea. They stretch from Sweinoujscie to Krynica Morska from German border to Russian Borders. The waters are cold in winter but you will love the chance to enjoy sea, sun and sand in summer. Here are some of the best Poland Beaches for your travel inspiration. Jastarnia beach It is a small town in Puck County, Pomeranian Voivodeship. Jastarnia is popular beach resort in Poland and small fishing port. The sea resort is not quite big, so you can easily walk everywhere or simply rent a bike. As it is situated on the Hel Peninsula, it’s easy to find your way around without getting lost. Here you can enjoy your holiday on a beautiful sandy beach with white sandy dunes and a pine forest next to them. It is one of the most popular sea resorts on the Polish Baltic coast with interesting nightlife. Krynica Morska Known as the main tourist destination on the Vistula Spit, Krynica is one of best beach resorts in Poland. The footpath “Jantar Szlak” (Amber Way) begins in the town and runs all the way to Gdansk along the Baltic Coast. Beach in Krynica in the season is full with holidaymakers. If crowds annoy you, try moving to the Piaski village, 15 km further. It looks more like a typical Polish village where the beaches are almost empty comparing to those in Krynica. Swinoujscie it is a city and seaport on the Baltic Sea and Szczecin Lagoon, located in the extreme north-west of Poland. City is located on the islands, in total 44 of them and is popular as a health resort from XVIII century. Here you can enjoy the view from the highest Lighthouse in Poland and sunbathing on beautiful, wide and clean sandy beach. For romantic moments you can walk on promenade along the beach, you can also rent a bike and have a ride on bike trial. Along this wide long beach you can also reach Ahlbeck – german seaside resort. Ustka a popular tourist destination and a fishing port on the Polish Baltic Sea Coast. For a number of years town has won a string of local awards for the best summer place in the country. The beach in Ustka is divided by the river Slupia into two beaches, The Eastern Beach and the Western Beach. The Western Beach runs into the territory of the Navy Training Centre, access to which was restricted beyond a certain point in the west. However, much more popular, developed and facilitated with numerous bars, restaurants, a concert hall, and a waterfront promenade (built in 1875). The Eastern Beach is popular with its high sand cliffs. During the summer holiday, there is a regular ferry service linking both beaches. Mielno Sarbinowo – is a large coastal village in Koszalin County, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, in north-western Poland. Mielno is a well-known tourist destination with sandy beaches. It lies on a spit between the sea and the large Jamno lake. Leba Leba in the summer is a very vibrant city full of joy and excitement. The biggest attraction is the beautiful beach of Leba – a large, wide, clean and filled with beach chairs and towels to the very last square foot when the sun shines. On the vast beaches of Leba contest for the prettiest sand sculpture takes place every year. An additional attraction is the nearby Slowinski National Park with famous dunes. Leba is one of major Polish beach resorts, it gets very crowdy over summer. Miedzyzdroje Tourists are attracted to beach resort in Międzyzdroje by a beautiful seaside: fine sand, cliffs and the band of dunes separating the beach from the charming town, whose unique atmosphere creates a blend of old architecture and the modern. Town is famous with its movie star promenade with hand impressions of famous polish actors. From white sandy beach into the sea leads 400 meter long pier. To relax you can rent water sports equipment, as well as other accessories suitable for a seaside holiday, such as windbreak and chairs. Around the beach there is a lot of restaurants. Wladyslawowo it is located at the base of the Hel Peninsula, over the open sea and the Bay of Puck, and near the Coastal Landscape Park. Tourists come to Wladyslawowo for maritime climate with abundant sunshine, air rich in iodine and sandy, wide beach. Shallow Puck Bay and the corresponding winds create for windsurfers and kite the best conditions in Poland to practice these sports. Jastrzebia Gora It is situated at the coast of Pomerania at a wide sandy beach. It is the most northern part of Poland and by many regarded as the most beautiful part of the Polish Baltic Coast. Town beach delights with her beautiful fine sand, high cliffs and adjacent ravine encouraging to walks. Debki – Once a fishing village, now a seaside resort with one of the most beautiful beaches of the Polish coast located in the province of Pomerania, in the county Puck. Part of the beach in Debki is known as one and only official naturist beach on Polish Baltic Coast.
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