There are many ways to appreciate the beauty of Myanmar. While many visitors choose car and do usual sightseeing, our expert from Authentic Asia Tours shares some thoughts of how to enjoy the uniqueness of this country in style : Fly High in Bagan with A Balloon The sacred plain of Bagan is studded with more than 2000 pagodas, dotted with fascinating villages and located by the bank of Irrawaddy River. There is no better way to capture the panorama of this stunning site than taking a morning balloon. The experience is in luxury style and offering unlike sunrise panorama. See Shwedagon pagoda at the lighting Festival The holy site of Shwedagon is exceptional of all means. It is the biggest pagoda in the country as well the most famous pilgrimage sites in South Myanmar and the most outstanding sites that you must see when in Yangon. Normally, the site dominates the skyline of Yangon by its golden flash yet it will be extremely beautiful if you visit the pagoda on the lighting festival when all the surroundings spark. Try the high tea in Yangon This signature etiquette came from British era, showcasing the rich tradition from Victorian time. Do not miss the chance to taste the sweeties with tasteful Burmese Tea. One of the best place to do this is the historic Strand Hotel which situates in Yangon downtown. If you head nord, try it in MayMyo or if you arrange a private sightseeing in Bagan, order it with your tour operator. Check out : Yangon City Tour Cruise Irrawaddy River Taking a cruise in Myanmar means you expect the magnificent landscapes, diverse wildlife and witness the secluded temples that you may not have chance to see on a road trip. Irrawaddy is the biggest river in the country and along its banks; there are heritages sites such as Pyu, Bagan and Mandalay. For further river expedition, you will soak up the exotic atmosphere of Lashio where mountain meets river at their pristine. Myanmar has more to offer its visitors. We strongly recommend you to browse our collection of Top Things to do in Myanmar for some of the best reference for itinerary and ideas of what to do.
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