The beautiful strip of Southeast Asia boasts incredible culture diversity and amazing array of landscapes hence, it is always listed as one of the best areas to define a life time experience for all travelers. With the opening of new tourism area, these are some of the newest suggestion for your future, mesmerizing adventures: Son Doong Cave, Vietnam Known as the World largest cave, this cave was discovered in 2009 and like Machupichu, the number of daily visitors to this otherworldly cave is limited. The cave itself has own underground river, numerous chambers as well species while its outer side offers tropical nature, perfectly for any type of Vietnam Adventures such as trekking, biking, kayaking and more. The desire to explore its unlike inner world becomes more attracting than ever since travel magazines and experts votes for the cave and its national parks as one of the must-sees in Vietnam. See more : Vietnam Travel Guide bagan landscape Bagan to Mountain Victoria, Myanmar The combination of Bagan and mountain Victoria defines your adventures by iconic temples, stunning mountain scenery where many ethnic hill tribes live in harmony with nature. The discovery of this area illustrates the remarkable changes in lifestyle from Irrawaddy River to mild hill station of Kampalete. Myanmar travel experts advises those who seek for off beaten road experience to spend at least four to 6 days to capture all the highlights that they have to offer. Insider ideas for Top Things to do in Myanmar borneo Photo: Fahrul Azmi Borneo, Indonesia Island hoppers are inspired by many well-known destinations like Thailand, Bali yet Borneo has something different that draws your attention with all sense. It is truly a place to sense the nature at its purest, watching the wildlife and enjoy the private beach you expect. Discover more : Indonesia Travel Inspiration Golden Triangle, Thailand – Laos – Myanmar This lush area has distinctive characters, exposing the influences of three countries through different cities and towns. While Chiang Mai has elephant camp, jungle and white temples, on the Laos border, it is totally tranquil with authentic nature; golden pagodas appear on Myanmar lands … all are just in one day visit from one country to another. Golden Triangle is now an ideal destination for motorcycling as well overland caravans trip. Suggestion: start your trip in Thailand, embarking a ride through the country of Laos and end up with Myanmar Tours in north Myanmar. yunnan photo: Tiyara Adam Yunnan, China Yunnan has a big contrast of all sizes : Buddist temples, pristine lake, Unesco Heritage towns, infamous stone forest and importantly so much potential for outdoor adventures. The very first sight that come to the eyes of adventurers should be Yuan Yuang, where rice terraces seems to be endless – a perfect place to for photographer and trekkers alike. Untamed mountains in the west of the province promises breathtaking hiking tours from four days to one week where you have chance to witness hill tribes at their hamlets. In short, Southeast Asia has more than what we can propose! As long as you have any inspiration either mountain or ocean, river or lake, the expert from Authentic Asia Tours will be willing to offer you some itineraries.
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