Every country has its own highlighted festival times and Spain has no exception. From throwing tomatoes to a day long enjoying seafood and partying to celebrating the fire works, Spain hosts some of the most fantastic festivals in Europe. Here is the short list of some burgeoning cultural events that you should bookmark once you plan to see Spain: La Tomatina Like water festival in Asia, La Tomatina is the biggest Tomato-fight festival in the world. Every August, the town of Bunol turns redish with the fun-packed tomato throwing from both local and tourist. Originally, the festival was first celebrated in 1945 and nowadays, it attracts over 20,000 participants to enjoy the fun it created. Do not miss the chance to take part in the contest of paella! La Tomatina is always listed among top things to do in Spain The Canoe Festival Take place also in August in Sevilla, the festival kicks off with a competition of 20km river paddling. Thousands of canoeists try to win the trophy for the race from Arriondas to Ribadessella since 1929. As the night falls, the camping area turns active with music, foods, dance and open air parties. We recommend this festival for family holiday in Spain. seafoods Seafood Fiesta The festival was first opened in 1963 by O`grove Galicia to reward fish and tourism of the area. Since then, the area is well known for this highlighted fair, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Finest shellfish and fish are served in town by the local chefs while additional activities make it more enticing: sporting events, music concerts and much more. San Fermin Fiesta Have you ever watched the move scene where the bull running after a man wearing red covers? then you have chance to make it real in San Fermin Fiesta. Held in Pamplona and last for 9 days, the festival honors the city`s very first bishop and patron. Attendants will dress up in red and white while bull will be free to run in lined streets. Similar festivals are hold in France too yet Pamplona is the best city to dare your trip. Festival time: July The Carnival when it comes to February, the Carnival commences as one of the biggest parties in the world. You will have chance to do whatever you want to gain Fun. For 15 days, streets become alive with music, game competition and Entierro de Sardina. This is a national wide festival and you are certainly the big cities have more charm to seduce you. The battle of Wine On June 29th, Haro town welcome countless throng who are coming not for wine tasting but having a wine battle. The adventure party of wine really starts in lunch time where buckets of cheap, red wine are prepared. Get ready to be wet and drunk. Survivors can return to the city and continue the lap dance in the Plaza de Paz.
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