Packing is one of the most important factor for any travel. For a backpacking adventure, it is even more important. Imagine that you are trekking on the strenuous Alaskan ranges with your backpack filled to capacity but as you reach the dawn and open your backpack, you realize that you have forgotten your sleeping bag. In the middle of nowhere and with sub-zero temperatures to entertain, you wish you had packed your bags with as much research as you had planned the trek. Ask any adventure enthusiast and he would tell you the importance of a light backpack that contains all the essentials one may require during a difficult expedition. Based on the experience of numerous travelers, this is a compiled list of 8 items you simply can’t afford to miss for your next backpack adventure. Tent One of the most important elements of a backpack and also the trickiest to pack. Make sure that your tent has the most sophisticated clothing material that could prevent you from all kinds of troubles including rainfall and cold. Pack the tent poles outside your backpack in a way that doesn’t expose them to the wear and tear during the trip. First Aid Kit You can’t expect a doctor to come and treat you 15000 feet above the sea level, the only item that can protect you from minor injuries and health troubles is your first aid kit. Remember health is wealth, if you are not feeling good, then even the scenic views of Himalayas won’t jive you up. Food Make sure that you pack the required amount of dry foods for the trip. Carry food that contains required amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates combined and always pack extra than what you may require. Sleeping Bag Pack your sleeping bag in the bottom and use a compression sack that ensures it doesn’t occupy too much space. If your trip stretches for more than a day, then sleeping bag is a must. Maps, Guidebook, Compass Be well prepared with what you are about to face, have guidebooks and maps that ensure you never lose your way, also keep a compass that can identify the right direction for your travel. Entertainment Materials Always carry some books with you for entertainment purposes, you can also choose an I-Pad for the same. Entertainment plays a big role in any adventure and its true worth is realized when there is no one to accompany you on a long journey. Extra Batteries Whether you want to capture the delightful moments in your camera or use the phone, you’ll need batteries. With no electronic sockets in the nature’s lap, it’s recommended that you pack enough batteries for the journey. Water From cooking your food to quenching your thirst, water is an absolute essential that you’ll need plenty of. Also carry extra cash for the journey to ensure a hassle free trip. Keep these points in mind and you are sure to have a memorable vacation, each time, every time.
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