Laos is a fascinating, characterful travel destination. It may not be so diverse like Thailand but full of seduction for nature lovers. Apart from the rich fauna and flora, Laos also has a wide range of festivals to offer its visitors. Here are some of the most amazing Laos Festivals you should participate in Laos That Luang Festival That Luang Festival is probably one of the most impressive events in the capital of Laos. It’s celebrated at the end of November in a place known as “That Luang”. This huge golden temple is not only known for this annual festival but also acts as the national symbol for Laos as a country. Religious part of the festival includes a pilgrimage to the stupa made by the monks and lay Buddhists from different parts of the country. The celebrations usually include trade shows, fireworks, parades, exciting parties. Related Article: Top Laos Travel Experiences Khum New Year Festival In our list of best Laos Festivals, the Khum New Year in Oudomxay province is a must. It often starts from 30th December to 1st January. The main theme to the celebrations dedicates to give thanks to ancestors and playing for further peace in the New Year. Locals and visitors usually celebrate with brilliant traditional dresses, singing, dancing as well ethnic games. A trek in the area could be one of the most precious Laos experiences. City Pillar Festival Be immersed into Laos’ culture with a day spent in this festival, it’s recorded with over 150 recognized ethnicities. Therefore, the festival shows the uniqueness of each group. Usually ten ethic groups in Xekong province host the festival in Mayhuameuang village for a period of three days starting from 1st January up to 3rd. The festival usually include traditional performances like singing, dancing also banana leaf stupa parade.
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