Dubai is a tempting city, not only for business but also for sightseeing. From sunlit beaches to wild desert, from oceanic safari to indoor fun-packed activities, Dubai has something to offer for all visitors of all genres. These top rated attractions and activities are simply bringing the best experiences in Dubai : Desert Safari This signature trip is remarkable for certain reasons. As you kick off your adventure, you will have chance to ride a camel, heading out to the famous Arabian desert, soaking up the lifestyle of a Bedouin nomad. For 2 nights safari, the safari allows you to enjoy the fun from Dune sunbathing, sand skiing, live belly dance at night and watching the starry night by your BBQ dinner. dubai architect Explore Dubai Creek For a beautiful contrast to the skyscrapers of Dubai, taking an abra ride on Dubai Creek. It is a very interesting way to appreciate the traditional part of the city. You’ll travel across the creek for just one dirham at sunset, stopping the aromas coming from Dubai’s spice souk, the place to buy an incense burner and a handful of frankincense. Wild Wadi Water Park This kid friendly park inspires your child very much. Located by the sea, the park is full of exciting games : ‘aquatic roller coaster’ , whirling Tantrum Alley, and Burj Surj tube slides, and racing slides at the Dhow and Lagoon. Hot Air Balloon Dubai Among the best things to do in Dubai, Hot air balloon is comfortably adventurous. Unlike the famous flight in Turkey or Myanmar, Dubai balloon offers the incredible floating time to behold desert carpet dotted by mountains. The distinct experience highlights your travel sense with tasteful refreshment as well luxury transfer. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo One of the most recommended attraction for indoor leisure, Dubai aquarium houses a large collection of marine animals. If the chance for face to face with fishes does not stimulate you yet, try shark diving and cage snorkeling, plus many other imaginative ways to dive in. Journey to Hatta Mountain Simply the best mountain retreat within easy access from Dubai, Hatta has cooler weather than the rest of its surroundings. This photogenic mountain offers a great chance to travel back to the past : restored fort, traditional courtyard houses, majlis and Juma mosque built in 1870. Do not miss the regional waterfall if you want to chill yourself ! RECOMMENDATION Tour Dubai, established in 1989 was one of the pioneer travel agencies providing the ultimate experiences of Dubai. Whether you are seeking for a luxury canal cruise, a guided sightseeing with insider travel expert, they have something to offer you. Check out their contact at :
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