Traveling alone brings with it countless benefits. It is a time when you fly like a free bird setting free your thoughts. There is no one to stop you and you can live the moment all by yourself. But traveling alone even has a few disadvantages. The major one, as considered by many, is the loneliness that seems to creep on a person and wear him/her down. You might be wondering how you can get rid of loneliness as you want to feel the pleasure of traveling alone. Books can be your best friends. You can explore the world of romance and adventure through the pages of a book. They can take you to a completely different world where you can find yourself that you were searching for since long. Your favorite stories give you an opportunity to step into the imaginary world of heroes, their fights and their love. While you travel alone there is no one to guide you. Books can be your best companion. They seem to talk to you, respect your feelings and acquaint you with every kind of emotion. An imaginary world though it is, the feeling is great to be lost in the unknown world. It is the land of the unknown where there are unknown faces, unknown culture and their life stories. You seem to get involved in their life so much that after you have ended reading a particular book it feels as if you have the lead the life of the protagonist. Even travel books can become your best guide while you are traveling. When you visit a new place, you are hardly aware of the important places, culture and lifestyle there. Travel books act as their guide and provide the best information about a new place making the traveler comfortable. These books are even handy and therefore the access to the books becomes easy. You can carry them along with you to the place you are traveling. While talking about books that people usually carry while traveling, special mention can be made of John Berger books that are quite popular. These books are written in a different style and a lot of readers seem to love it. People have even said that they find these books written by John Berger very interesting, especially the book called ‘Ways of Seeing’. So, next time you plan to travel alone carry a number of books written by your favorite authors. There might be times when you feel lonely and need a companion. In case you do not get one worthy of your companionship, books will turn out to be your best friends. The few books that are recommended for reading while you are traveling are First they Killed my Father, Into The Wild, The Quiet American, The Agony And the Ecstasy, Maximum city, The Girl In The Picture and many more. You can even ask for recommendation of books from your friends or search online
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