Trekking mountain Everest is a life time adventure. It is really an unrivaled trek of all time. Annually, there are about 40,000 adventurers attempt to reach the summit. The highlights of Everest Trek are not only about the feeling on the top of the world but also the true experience of Sherpa culture, Nepalese landscapes and exotic monasteries. This complete guide for Everest Trek will help you to prepare the best : Best time to go There are two season that offers access to Everest better than the rest of the year : Spring and Autumn. While spring has clear sky, moderate temperature, trekkers also enjoy the lush landscape on the trails. From September to November is the most crowded season for visitors who try to put their footprint on Everest. During this period, the weather turns to be mild, tolerate and visible. Trekking Permit and Requirements TAnyone trekking to Nepal needs to get a TIMS card unless you are travelling to a restricted area. In that case, restricted area permit will suffice. ( ) TIMS card cost $10 if you are going through an agency and $20 if you are travelling independently. Before starting your actual trek, you need to purchase Everest national Park Entrance fee which costs about $30/ person. Trekking Equipment Packing is one of the most important parts of all Nepal treks. These are the essential things you should carry in your backpack : – A pair of good trekking shoes – 4 to 5 pairs of liner socks – Waterproof, a down jacket and pant – Trekking Sticks/ poles – Woolen hat – Sunglasses – A torch/ light – Toiletries – A bottle of water – Modern facilities to keep warm Physical Requirements Everest is not an easy trek ! Surely, everyone knows that. The whole adventure is defined as moderate to challenging levels which involves all your muscles in long duration. Some people says even the Amateur trekker can finish the trail but it is rare. We strongly recommend you to make more training like running, mountain trek in cold area before you commence the trip. RECOMMENDED TOUR OPERATOR Bharal Adventure is one of the best tour operators who makes your dream of climbing Everest come true. They are a reliable one-stop partner for all Nepal adventures and cultural discoveries as well. Contact them at
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