Tucked in the far north Vietnam, Ha Giang boasts rugged mountains and incredible landscapes that differ from other destinations in the country. Our expert suggest some of the best experiences that you should soak up in Ha Giang : Spotting Rice Terrace in Hoang Su Phi This is one of the most photogenic points in Vietnam. The whole area is full of rice fields cascading from mountain top to riverside. The best time to spot the rice is from April to October. Hoang Su Phi also offers breathtaking trek routes. Walking the Happiness Road in Ha Giang The Happiness Road takes travelers through Dong Van rocky plateau, via Ma Pi Leng and finally to Meo Vac. The road measures 200km and plenty of lives have been sacrificed on the roads of Happiness way back. The scenic beauty of the path is worth praising. Ha Giang (Vietnam) tour is incomplete if one has not walked the Happiness Road. Learning about lives of H’mong People The H’momg people are great in showering immense hospitality. Spend time with the H’mong families, stay with them, eat, go out and spend a night at their place. Tourists love the amount of love and affection they shower on them. It would be a worthy lifetime experience. A very highlighted fair that you should attend is Dong Van weekly market which is the rendezvous See also : Vietnam Visiting Guide The Cliff On Tham Ma Pass The Tham Ma Pass has a steep cliff and the challenge is to throw stones to that cliff. It’s a goof time pass and a true task. The distance seems very near but the stones actually go halfway or a bit more and gets lost without reaching the cliff. It’s a fun thing tourists can do to enjoy. Tasting the Ha Giang signature dishes Ha Giang’s corn wine is superbly fragrant but a bit on the heavier side. The signature dish of the place is a porridge bowl along with a glass of warm corn wine. The best time to taste is the autumn season sitting on the stony plateau. Flying on Ma Pi Leng Ma Pi Leng is the king of all the passes in North Vietnam, a marvelously scenic spot. The best thing to do there is standing on the top point of Ma Pi Leng, stretch your arms and feel as if you are flying. The spot will definitely steal the heart of adventure lovers. Photo : Czesty Treading the slopes and passes in Ha Giang Ha Giang has too many passes and uneven slopes and it’s a thing tourists must conquer. It’s thrilling to visit destinations including Cong Troi, Bac Sum, Chin Khoanh, Ma Pi Leng and Tham Ma.The paths are very challenging up the breathtaking view is the gift of hard work. Do not miss such adventure when in Ha Giang.
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