There are hundreds of places for island and beaches hoping. If you need to choose a place that offer both culture and beach then Phuket is one of the premier choices. There are plentiful ways to appreciate the beauty of Phuket. These are just some of the most glorious travel experiences : View the emerald sea in Phang Nga Bay Taking a trip to the Phang Nga Bay is an unforgettable experience, the sight is amazing. You will be mesmerized by the tall limestone cliffs and the emerald green waters. The flora and fauna of this island are worth observing. In this Bay, you must take a trip to the James Bond Island and Koh Panyee. photo : Alain Tait Spend a couple of days in Koh Phi Phi The best honeymoon sport, an ideal place to spend time with your loved one. This island itself is love at first sight; you mostly see the phi phi in movies. It’s Thailand’s main attraction, a gem and the only reason to visit Phuket. Take a boat and rise from the sea with cliffs watching over you. Koh Phi Phi is also a nice stop for all honeymooner who want to spend See also: Honeymoon Destinations in Asia Look up to the Big Buddha on Nakkerd Hills This Giant Buddha statue is visible right from South Phuket. It sits on the massive Nakkerd Hills looking down over Rawaii, Chalong and Kata. There is a smaller sized golden image of Buddha made of Brass. The main attraction of this place is you can take a breathtaking view of Thailand from the mountaintop. Go clubbing at Bangla Road The nightlife is absolutely glam in Phuket; go for an evening stroll at Patong’s bangle Street. It’s best for the young, open-minded hearts because it’s where one can have fun unlimited. You will be amazed to see the biggest collections of bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Go partying, dance till you drop. The pristine Similan Islands The seas are clear blue and the sands crystal white; it’s a heaven on earth. There are nine islands and all of them are ideal for water sports, the main one being scuba diving. The island is lively and the coral reefs are colorful, a treat to the eyes. If you are romantic, go sailing at the Sailing Boat Rock and you will love it. Watch the Fantasea Show This super professionally arranged show is super fun; it’s got a Las Vegas style. Nowhere else on this planet will you see a show like this, do not miss. It’s a combination of Thailand’s tradition, myths, fantasy and humor. The show is superb and has lot of extravaganzas, it’s entertaining and worth watching while in Phuket. Enjoy Simon Cabaret Show Cabaret is something very interesting, a spectacular musical show in Phuket. The show is performed by world-famous artists. See it for yourself and you can thank us later. Be present among such glitz and glam. Wat Chalong and Phuket Temples Wat Chalong is a very popular temple in Phuket and you can never give it a miss. It’s awesomely decorated and you can see reflections of tiny pieces of glass. Go there and do taste some authentic Thai food and you will be fascinated by the aura of this place. This place is a must visit along with other temples. Try Phuket Viewpoints The east and west coast has many viewpoints for sunrise and sunset. Like everyone goes to the Promthep Cape, it’s spectacular. You can experience the breathtaking view of the ocean, its grandeur. Find other viewpoints and have a good time.
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