Even for the less-travelled people, Bali is still a dream destination at least for beaches. However, Bali has so many things to seduce visitors whether you are seeking for an Indonesian culture holiday, a thrilling tropical adventure or leisure trip for sea, sun and sand. Things to do in Bali seems to be countless. These short list even does not represent all the highlights of Bali islands but still a good reference for your Bali travel : Island Hopping at Lombok Lombok is always on the top of 10 islands you should visit in Bali. It is a paradise for surfer while its beach Kuta offers spectacular background with relaxed atmostphere. Lombok is also home to stunning summit of Mount Rinjani and if you want to adventure more into the nature, there are cascading waterfalls. Foodie also never feel bored with the culinary experience they can expect in Jalan Udayana. Witness a Kecak show You can book for the Kecak show which is also called the ‘Ramayana Monkey Chant’. In this show, a group of 150 men perform in a group. All the men wear a check cloth around the waist and chant ‘cak’ mantra moving their arms. You might also get a chance to watch Kecak fire dance. This is an enjoyable show for the tourists. Monkeying at Monkey Forest Want to indulge in monkeying around with monkeys in Ubud? Watch the playful and wise monkeys relaxing in their habitat. Monkeys might climb all over your body, it’s thrilling. This is also called the Holy Monkey Forest due to some spiritual aspects. Elephant caves – Drink from the fountain The Goa Gajah cave has a rocky wall and the entrance shows a huge mouth of a demon. You will spot 6 statues of women and water flowing out of the pots held by them. There is a fountain of youth and it’s a fun place to drink safe water. Watching Tegallalang Rice Terraces photo: unsplash.com Go there to see the beautiful rice crops which are the main part of the Bali irrigation. This is one of the best terraces in Bali and you cannot ignore the beautiful natural setting. This is the best place for the nature lovers. You can also visit local nearby farms. Visit the Tanah Lot Temple This serene temple is a very remarkable landmark in Bali. It is unique for its sunset backdrops and offshore setting. You cannot miss this icon once you are in Bali located in the Beraban village. Uluwatu Temple on Cliff This jaw-dropping sculpted temple is considered as the spiritual pillar of Bali. The temple is perched on a rocky cliff which is about 70 meters above the sea level. If you love sunsets, this ancient temple is a must visit during the trip. Relax and dine by the ocean Beaches in Bali are fabulous, enjoy the breeze, the sands and let the salty water kiss your feet. You can have a beach party or have a romantic dinner at the beach. You can find many good restaurants lined up by the beach. You can also enjoy sunrise, sunsets and horse rides along the coastline. Bali Safari and Marine Park Take a day to have a great experience at Bali Safari and Marine Park, it will be fun. It is a habitat for many species of animals and fishes from Indonesia, India and Africa. You can ride on the Safari bus, watch the elephant show; get to see cute baby orangutans and baby sharks. Adjacent to it is the water and amusement park where you can have more fun. Bathe in the Holy water of Tirta Empul You go there to bathe in the holy water before entering the temple. You have to soak your head and entire body under water gushing from a stream. Once done, you feel holy inside out.
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