The iconic image of Morocco often comes from Sarah Desert, picturesque coastal town or fascinating Medina filled with exotic markets but to define a true Moroccan experience, trekking is probably one of the best way to see the country. While most of tourists head to popular places like Paradise valleys, Jebel Sahro, these stunning trekking sites offers much more authentic experiences : Todra Gorges This is an exceptional setting and totally out of the tourist way ! On this walk, you will enjoy immensive landscapes studded by canyons, verdant gorges. Todra trails lasts for 50km between the High Atlast to the north. What you encounter on every day trek is very surprising : vertical cliff, shepherds of Todra , palm plantation and rare birds including eagles and doves. Dades Gorges Known as the Morocco’s most spectacular canyons, Dades Gorges is a very scenic trek route. You will have chance to admire unusual rock outcrops, scenes of orchards. On the other side of the oued, get closer to an ancient kasbah, a landscape steeped in mystery and melancholy. Jebel Saghro What to expect on this trek ? Beside the typical scenery with stark peaks, deep gorges, the highlight of this area is also the encounter to Berber villages. Your authentic feeling of Morocco should be defined here if you choose Marrakech as a base. Roses Valley Trekking in Roses valley combines perfectly mountain paths with shallow water river crossing. The main character of this trek is to explore many charming red ochre Moroccan villages and enjoy striking views of Jebel Sahro. You will also not miss the chance to sample different regional cuisines during your adventure. The best time to delve into Roses valley is from April to May, especially the Rose festival in May – a truly must-see ! Ait Bougmez Valley Tucked away in the central High Atlas Mountains, Ait Bougmez Valley boasts unspoiled nature.. at its best. The contrast comes from lush orchards, green pastures and snow-capped mountains makes the area outstanding among the trekking choices you have in Morocco. To appreciate the charm of Ait Bougmez, an escorted trek with experience tour guide who know well the mountains is the very first condition.
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