Airfare has been booked, Visa has been received and all luggage has been prepared for departure. And the first stop on your journey will be in Hanoi Vietnam. And Hanoi will be your first point of departure to visit and explore the beauty of Ha Long Bay on your journey in Vietnam. Ha Long Bay has been recognized as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO and one of the leading international tourist attractions in Vietnam, so you should not miss during your stay in Vietnam tour. Some of you will always prepare and make the itinerary for your tour in Vietnam as well as information about famous travel companies through the Internet, before the scheduled departure date.However, travel company fraud or travel agencies fraud is inevitable. To ensure that you find the right address of prestigious travel agency and travel company in Hanoi, as well as in Vietnam. We have experience and through practical research in tourism to send you useful information, just like the most exact detail advices for your next voyage when you want to visit Halong Bay. Booking Online If you have started to learn about travel booking sites and information sites, travel blogs, etc., you will be so confused and it is so difficult because there are so many online travel companies that offer Halong Bay Tours. Prices is from popular,cheap to very expensive. And there are also too many companies with eye-catching image, enjoyable activities and spectacular dishes. Particularly they make you real good offers for it, But be careful what you see and listen to, they are not always a guarantee of fine companies, it can be a little trick of the trade With the object of attracting customers in company frauds. As a matter of fact, If you take that tour, you will take lower quality tour than what you’d hoped for.In consequence,you have to learn about everything before making a decision The way to get started is to read information in the forums such as TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet … These forum sites where you can read from other people’s experiences and know list of prestige company names. At that, you can find schedule on your own. Some customers may even bookmark or mention websites of reputable travel companies that they have experienced If you have started to learn about travel booking sites and information sites, travel blogs, etc., you will be so confused and it is so difficult because there are so many online travel companies that offer Halong Bay Tours Let’s visit those web sites, just make sure that customers have actually experienced and added information in a legitimate way, complied with the rules of the forum. But It is not due to employees or individuals of travel companies,all of which makes them more famous to attract more customers. Once you choose a company, you should learn more about that company on Google to read more from other people’s experiences which they themselves wrote after finishing their journey. Travel blogs are also a great place where you can update, find out information about schedules, prices or reviews about travel companies that you may want to book. Finally, when you have enough information you need and have enough peace of mind to book tours with a travel agency,you can email or visit their website to book tour by your credit card.By this way, you are assured that your schedule has been set up and just wait for your great vacation before arrive in Hanoi. Booking in Hanoi If you’ve been waiting to set your Ha Long Bay journey until you’ve arrived in Hanoi. But do not worry about that. Because there are so many famous tourist companies or travel agents in Hanoi, they are selling tours to Halong Bay. Another difficulty is that you do not know how to choose a reputable Travel Agency in Hanoi? After learning about the internet and reading through many forums, we visited Hanoi Explore Travel where is highly recommended,is located in the heart of the Old Quarter. Mr Lee and his staff received very good reviews on the forums and made a great deal of experience for customers who have visited Hanoi and other places in Vietnam. Their office located at: 37 Ngo Huyen Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. After making the request and schedule that we wanted. staffs at their office gave a very warm welcome us and gave the most detailed schedule what we want. And the most important thing is that we negotiated the best price compared with the price which we asked at our hotel. And we really had a great holiday on our trip in Halong Bay with 2 days 1 night stay on the cruise How We Picked A Cruise After a long time considering,we learned three things. We would like to have a 3 days / 2 nights trip with adventure activities and we would like to join with a group of tourists who are the same as us. We are a couple who were neither traveling for a honeymoon nor a backpacking trip. So that problem was very difficult for us and Mr Lee helped us solve it. He quickly introduced us to Halong Aclass Cruise. They provide exactly what we are looking for without any difficulty. This tour includes 2-way shuttle service from Hanoi and pick up at our hotel, 1 night on boat with Deluxe Double Cabin, 1 night on island in double room in Bungalow, there are so many delicious meals and Other activities such as Kayaking, Swimming, Taichi, Squid …. And we are ready. In the end, it’s up to you to choose how to book your trip to Halong Bay. We strongly advise you to tell them what you want to know about price and your spending.It is my conviction that they will offer the most suitable options for you. If you would like to see details of Halong Tour 3 Days 2 Nights with Aclass Cruise, take a look at our cruise at Halong Aclass Cruise 3 Days 2 Nights.
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