While many people plan their visit to Myanmar by organizing everything independently , planning all the hotel and service bookings themself, tour packaged or tailor made tour on the other hand is very time effective. The question is among the thousands searches you find on internet, which tour operator you should trust and select. These insightful tips from Zaw, a tour guide in Yangon, Myanmar will help you to clear this question : 1. Friends and Family Recommendation Undoubtedly, friendly and family recommendation are the most reliable source. These post-travelers always give you the real reviews of the agencies or tour operators they used during their trip in Myanmar. 2. Use travel forums choose-best-myanmar-tour-operator-2 Tripadvisor Tripadvisors, lonelyplanet forum, virtual tourists are good communities that you often find how people reported their last holiday in Myanmar both good and bad. Amongst the posts, certainly, you will get some contacts of companies that are often recommended. Note: check carefully the spam post that just appears in the forum to recommend 1 agency. 3. Locally based company There are so many advantages that you can get from a local tour operator. Firstly, their price will be cheaper than an international travel agency. They are also more flexible as all of them base on your real destination. Thirdly, they know the country and they can deliver the unique experiences like an insider. Where to find these company ? simply check the website of Myanmar Tourism Board or ” about us ” part of the company. In Myanmar, the local company should have company’s registration number named KHA and official contact in Yangon, Mandalay or other region. 4. Double check the Testimonials choose-best-myanmar-tour-operator-3 Personally, it is always good see if their reviews are made from time to time. These examples will show you to compare the reviews before contact the agencies : One Stop Travel ( )- rated 5/5 star on tripadvisor by 395 users Pro Niti Travel ( ) – rated 5/5 star by 348 users Myanmar Tours ( ) – rated 5/5 star by 26 users When you get these results on tripadvisor, you can verify the if the reveals are authentic or not by contacting some of the users that wrote the reviews. 5. Customer Policy It is not obvious that the tour that everyone is happy will make you happy. Different travel sense leads to different itinerary and services requirements. Local company have various terms and condition relating to deposit, flexibility, communication during the trip and you need to know this. It contains also useful tips even for independent travelers. For Myanmar, the ideal customer policy focus on 20% deposit, Myanmar simcard offered during trips, personal tour operator with specific contact to support in case of any problem, emergency call. If the tour operator offers only regional contact then make sure they provide the tour guide contact before you start the trip. 6. Choose Tailor Made Tour Operator When you choose a tour package; it is advisory to get a company who can offer tailor tour or holiday. The benefit you will get is more than just a package that fits your length of holiday or budget in general. A tailor made tour operator have experiences in putting all your personalized interest to the holiday that you expect and make it happen like the way you want and even beyond. In Myanmar, there are more and more tailor made tour operators so your choice is large. 7. Give- back Enterprises I encourage visitors who come to Myanmar for their holiday to contribute to our sustainable development, then the company who get involved in this activities are encouraged accordingly. By supporting NGO program like cooking classes in Yangon, Bagan, we have chances to help children to access better opportunities to have good job in the future. Itineraries that covers visits to community’s traditional workshops demonstrates the will of promoting Myanmar’s responsible tourism. “Many local tour operators also create their own campaign to help specific villages to build schools, hospitals and giving scholarships.. I personally encourage you to book with them ” Shortly, there are certains criteria to get the best tour operator for your trip to Myanmar and by contacting them directly, you will feel the professionalism they boasts in their work as well the responsibility they committed for your trip.
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