Italy is well known for its history, arts, and architecture. It is also known for its scenic beauty and enigmatic landscapes. When you are visiting Italy, you must not forget to check out certain places out there, in order to enjoy to your fullest. The top places for you to visit in Italy are: Palazzo Pitti It is the symbol of luxury and wealth. It was a shelter to the notorious families in Italy. These days, tourists come to this place and experience the stunning grandeur of centuries back. Valley of the temples – It is the most awesome attractive place of Sicily. The temples in Agrigento are of archeological importance, and they had originated way back in the 5th century. Cinque Terre It is the unpolluted area of Italy, which a UNESCO world heritage site and a national park. This place has 5 villages namely Vernazza, Monterosso, Corniglia, Rio Maggiore, and Manarola, Uffizi Gallery Here you will get to see some of the finest museums showcasing the amazing art works of maestros like Leonardo da vinci, Mantegna Corregio, Giotto Botticelli, Raphael, etc. Sassi Di Matera The Sassi is mostly a white complex rocky structure. They actually are the caves, and here you can also see underground caverns and labyrinths. Colosseum It is famous for its antiquity. It is the work of architectural excellence, and its amphitheatre is considered to be an engineering wonders. photo: Edgar Amalfi coast to Capri Boat ride It is a coastline, which can be an ideal place for holidaying with friends and family. The Lattari Mountains along with the multi-colored villages are great attractions. You can spend and enjoy as many days as you like out here and never get bored. You can also hire your own private boat from the locals, and have pleasurable ride until you reach Capri. The time that you spend here will be truly beautiful. Historic center of Sienna This place has its own charm and exuberance that cannot be compared to anything else. It is famous for its architecture and cultural heritage, and is ideally the place to be visited in summers. Vatican City It is a city that is centered on Piazza San Pietro and the St. Peters Basilica. Tourists from world over come to admire the exquisite Sistine Chapel, which houses the creation of Adam. Leaning tower of Pisa The name of this tower comes along with the Seven Wonders of the World. It started sinking when the third storey was constructed. Today also it keeps seeping into earth at the speed of 1mm every year. It is the masterpiece no doubt, but its future cannot be foretold. Pizza in Naples This fabulous place will draw you with its mouthwatering smell, looks, and taste. This is the birth place of pizza, and each and every restaurant out here is highly recommended. Rome (Vatican City) It is the capital of Italy. It is famous for museums, churches, huge number of fountains, ancient monuments, renaissance palaces, and natural springs. The nightlife, bars, and restaurants at this place are something that you will remember for a long time. photo: Dan Novac Venice This city is one of a kind, because it is built on water in the heart of the lagoon. It is a very beautiful and romantic city. In the middle of the city, lies San Marco with its magnificent church. It is known for churches, palaces, canals, and variety of museums. Venice lies in the northeast of Italy, and originally it was a bridge between east and west. The main attraction here is the Santi Apostoli church, the oldest church in the region Milan (The royal place) It is one of the richest cities of Europe, very well known for its restaurants, galleries, and stylish shops. It is rich in heritage and art. The marble work on its Duomo is beautiful and captivating to everyone’s eyes. The most famous Opera house La Scala is located in Milan. You can book for Voyage Italie all inclusive package deals and have great time our there with your family.
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