When it comes to scuba diving, there is no reason for you to limit yourself to Caribbean destinations. If you are planning your next diving adventure, there are countless locations in Asia that offer some excellent dive opportunities and many other exciting things to do as well. Asia happens to be the gateway to numerous exotic and renowned dive locations that you have yet to discover. Asia is full of widely acclaimed and well-known dive destinations, which will allow you to embrace the beauty and tranquility of the region. Here we take a look at diving locations in Asia you may not have thought about. Bali, Indonesia Bali is a paradise on earth, popularly referred to as the “Land of the Gods.” Bali’s lush rice terraces are paired with sandy beaches and rugged seacoasts on the sides of looming volcanoes. It is worth noting that dive sites around Bali are specifically captivating because of the prominent underwater challenges that they offer. For instance, Menjangan Island has picturesque reefs around it or there is the distinguished wreck of USS Liberty at the small fishing village of Tulamben. Bali is also noted for dramatic drift diving with unforgettable encounters with manta rays. coron Coron, Philippines Coron is the most outstanding summer gateway in Asia. Coron is bejeweled with historic sunken ships, remarkable reefs and rich-striking marine life that can never be spotted in other parts of the world. Coron is one of the well-known dive spots in “The Calamianes Group of Islands in Palawan,” which comprehensively happens to be one of the best-kept secrets in the world. The crystal clear water around the white sandy beaches of Coron is perfect for diving. Even the remarkable reefs and the sunken historic World War II ships also make Coron a popular dive spot. phuket sea Phuket, Thailand Phuket is one of the most admired beach destinations in Asia with eye-catching tropical sunsets, magnificent scenery and warm blue sea. Phuket is blessed with wonderful bays and coves, powdery white beaches fringed with palm trees, and an overall lush tropical landscape. The locals enjoy diving in Phuket all year long because of warmer waters close to the island. All of these combine to create a lovely ambiance for a really ideal diving destination, whether for a holiday or a long term stay. Divers can even spot Whale Sharks during while diving in Phuket. Sipadan, Malaysia Sipadan is among world’s best diving locations and is perfect to experience the essence of diving in Asia. Sipadan offers many night dive sites, scenic beaches, and splendid steel drop-offs and walls formed from its volcanic past. Sipadan is at the center of one of the world’s richest marine habitats, with more than 3,000 species of fishes and hundreds of coral species in its surrounding waters. The Barracuda Point is included among the most treasured dive sites in Sipadan, food brought by the strong currents attracts swirling schools of barracudas and jacks. Tioman, Malaysia Tioman is surrounded by clear blue water where divers can dive among the house of reefs that give life to a majority of the marine life in the water. This and a lot more makes Tioman another perfect location in Asia for diving. You can even learn how to dive in the comfortable environment in Tioman under the tutelage of the Bali Hai divers. There are also many different dive sites in the main Panuba bay that divers get to choose from. If you are really in search of a truly special diving destination, then you are certainly going to find one in Asia. For the best Asian diving experience, you can even consider diving at one of the above five dive locations.
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