Are you looking for a great place to visit in Utah? Utah is home to a number of beautiful attractions, and great shopping, dinging, and overall entertainment. If you are ready to hit the town, remember to book with Utah Limo Rentals to make your vacation truly enjoyable. Here are some places you need to add to your list when visiting the Beehive State. City Creek This modern shopping center is home to a number of high-end retail stores and great dining. The outdoor shopping environment has been spectacularly designed and is one of the best in the west. It includes outdoor fountains and other unique features. The shopping center has a retractable roof system to keep guests nice and warm during the cold winter months. Temple Square This attraction is one you must see when you visit Utah. The heart of downtown, temple square is home to a number of historical buildings and beautiful grounds. Whether you come in the summer or winter, there are so many beautiful features to see on the grounds. You can also enjoy the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for free as they practice every Thursday night and often giveaway tickets to free concerts. Check out the visitor’s center for some unique facts of this historic location. The Wave If you love to hike, one attraction you need to put on your list in advance is the Wave. This unique Utah feature is an intense hike that should only be done if you are in good physical condition. It’s located in the Coyote Buttes area of Utah. It has a multi-colored chute that has been cut into sandstone. It is amazing as bright colors of sandstone twist and undulate around, looking like the waves of an ocean. Get on the list now as it can take months before you can obtain a permit to go hiking to the Wave. Zion National Park Take some time to explore the beauty of Zion National Park. With massive canyon walls and a beautiful blue sky, hikers can enjoy the shocking beauty of this land. Zion’s was completely carved out by water, making it an amazing wonder to see in person. It has a number of great slot canyons and hiking areas to enjoy. Great Salt Lake If you head to the city, you can’t help by look out to see the Great Salt Lake. This massive lake is an amazing site to see. There are some fun things you can do on the lake such as sailing and fishing. You can even take a boat tour of the lake and enjoy fine dining on a Salt Lake cruise. It’s worth seeing when you visit this unique and amazing state.
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