Bali is well known as a heavenly island in Asia but it also offers stunning adventure chances. Whether it is a surfing challenge or a mountain hike, you will find them all in our list of top 10 Bali adventures : 1.Surfing Adventure in Bali begins with surfing and this iconic place has amazing surf spots. The most popular spots are the Bukit Peninsula and in the southern coasts. Sea sport lovers go there in search of sea, the sun and exhilarating rides. Bali is an ideal place for the newbies and definitely for experienced surfers. October to April is the best time to play in the Bali waves. Photo: Viktor Zacek 2. Canyoning at Gitgit Waterfall The Gitgit waterfall is 40 meter high and adventure lovers come here to indulge in canyoning. This sport is all about agility and endurance, an adrenaline rush. It’s a combination of river trekking, jumping of the cliff, rock climbing and abseiling. 3. White Water Rafting in Ubud If you wish to enjoy river rapids, head to the Ayung River. You can start from the Northern side of Ubud and go West along with the flow of water. If you love hardcore adventure, make it during the Monsoons (November to March). 4. Flying Fish @ Benoa Beach This is a very wild and thrilling idea. It’s all about fixing yourself to a rubber boat which is again attached to a speed boat. Now, you can fly and flap into the air, sounds exciting? A Flying fish in Bali is a must try where three people and a guide together can enjoy this. There will be loads of hurls and turns, riding on the waves about 2 mts above sea level. 5. Jet Bikes and Jet Packs, Nusa Dua Do you want to feel like AstroBoy or Ironman, flying high up in the air? Just strap onto a Jet Pack and you can fly 30 feet in the air at a speed of 30 miles per hour. Jet biking or jet ski is an exciting activity, full of fun. Try this is you are a watrer sports lover! 6. Jatiluwih Trekking The main charm of rural Bali probably comes from its palm plantation and rice terrace. By taking a Trek to Jatiluwih, you allow yourself to delve into the lush area where the photogenic rice terraces locate. The trek also offers a great experience by a Nature hotspring 7. Paragliding at Denpasar Keep soaring along the waves of the Indian Ocean by the Bali Ciffs, yes this is the thrilling paragliding experience in Bali. You can enjoy paragliding on the turquoise blue sea. You can take off like an eagle from the cliff from Nusa Dua and enjoy this adventure. 8. ATV Quad Biking in Ubud Now you feel like doing some extreme sports. Well, if you don’t have so much of energy to push your body, go biking. Ride the four-wheeled ATV quad bike through the terrains and enjoy sightseeing. Taro is famous for quad biking where you can visit villages, plantations, countryside, jungle and more. Get muddy while you go quad biking. One of the premier companies to enjoy this adventure is Bali Quad Biking. You can contact them at 9. Tree Top Adventure To feel the wind right in your hair, experience the Tree Top Adventure in Bali Botanical Gardens. There are 7 adventure circuits and as many as 72 challenges. One tree is lined to another by nets, cables and swings. The sport is based on age as well as comfort level. For the extremes, the Adrenaline Black Circuit is a must try. Photo: Twofive88R 10. Trekking Mountain Batur If you are eager to see the incredible sunrise of Bali then a trek to Mountain Batur is what you should do. This volcano mountain is known as a sacred destination for local people who pray Hinduism. Hence the trek does not only give you the chance to appreciate the unspoiled nature but also the historical side of Bali
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