India is undoubtedly a diverse country. From snowcapped mountains to stunning beaches, from majestic heritage wonders to remote hill tribe adventure, India has everything to seduce every visitor. Amongst top things you should enjoy in India, these top 10 Travel Experiences should be tick off in the bucket list : Spot Wildlife at a National Park The number of national parks in India is about 100. This means the chances to adventure into the nature is huge. Among 450 wildlife sanctuaries, it is very easy to pick up a safari to spot tigers, rhinoceros or leopards. If you are likely to see, then head to Bandhavgarh; Wild Ass is very visible at Gujarat while elephant are plenty in Karnataka. kerala Ride a houseboat in Kerala Backwaters A trip on a houseboat along Kerala’s backwaters is a quintessential thing to do in India. The lush green palm-fringed landscape, diverse wildlife, and houses and villages that line the backwaters make a journey along these waterways seem like a journey through another world. Here’s what you need to know about hiring a houseboat in Kerala. Don’t miss it! Done it already? Srinagar in Kashmir also has houseboats, although they’re moored to the side of the lake. holi Participate Holi Festival Holi also celebrates the victory of good over evil, as well as the abundance of the spring harvest season. It’s commonly referred to as the “Festival of Colors”. People exuberantly throw colored powder and water all over each other, have parties, and dance under water sprinklers. Bhang (a paste made from cannabis plants) is also traditionally consumed during the celebrations. Holi is a very carefree festival that’s great fun to participate in if you don’t mind getting wet and dirty. Uncover the beauty of Taj Mahal From the Taj Mahal to Khajuraho, India brims with historical monuments and heritage. Its past has seen a melting pot of different religions, rulers and empires — all of which have left their mark. There’s an extensive amount of uncovering to do. These 12 Top Historical Places in India are a start. If you want to get off the beaten track, visit these 5 Little-Known UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. india cuisine Journey on Indian Cuisines These days, more and more tourists are taking cooking classes in India and learning about Indian cuisine. No matter what your level of interest, you’ll find classes to meet your needs. Single day classes are a hit with beginners that have a general interest, while extended residential programs cater to those who want to go on a more in depth culinary voyage. You’ll find that many homestays in India offer casual Indian cooking classes to guests. The Bangala, in Chettinad in Tamil Nadu, is one of them. Check out these 12 Cooking Classes and Cooking Schools in India for some recommendations. RECOMMENDATION is a dynamic travel company who serve both English, German, Spanish and French speaking travelers. The offers wide choices for India Tour Packages with tailor made options. Kutumbakam is a reliable travel agency to work with for your travel to India.
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