The Philippines is undoubtedly one of the premier island destinations. The country boasts some 7000 islands of different sizes and shapes. They are beautiful and varying beautifully from one state to another. If you are wandering about what island to enjoy the tropical paradise in the Philippines, here is our suggestion : Lahos Island, Camarines Sur What an impressive island to spend some time in the Caramoan, this island is defined by two major rock formations which are opposite to each other. A stretch of a small beach is characterized between them creating shorelines on both ends of the island. This untainted place in Caramoan creates a special room to lay back and bask in an open space. Mantigue Island, Camiguin Mantigue Island, Camiguin Do not get confused when someone mentions “Magsaysay Island” referring to this beautiful island, it is its second other name to call it. This magnificent island is nestled just off the Eastern coast of Camiguin characterized with several activities offered than an attractive bare sand bar. Besides featuring a beautiful beach to explore, this island is also very rich in vegetation, known for its marine sanctuary, fantastic spot to hone your diving and snorkeling skills plus a forest trail suitable for visitors to explore. Batan Island, Batanes One of the most captivating destinations in the Philippines is the archipelagic province of Batanes which features a bunch of rolling landscapes and shorelines. Although there are numerous beaches in the country, there is no any other place you can find quite like this province of Batanes. Of the ten islands which make up this province, only three islands are inhabited. A day tour around exposes you to different stunning sights starting from Racuh A Payaman, Homoron Blue Lagoon to the Valugan boulder beach. Do not miss out on the excitement, a day spent in this province is worth it. Camiguin Island Camiguin Island. This is another secret to uncover while in Philippines, an archipelago of a thousand islands, it’s nearby the white island and Mantigue Island. Besides beach life, this island of Camiguin features a mixture of awesome waterfalls, volcanoes, sunken cemetery plus cold and hot spring turning it to be a perfect treat for adventure. Related Article: Top 10 Philippines Travel Experiences Siquijor Island Siquijor Island is a mystical island swaddled in the folklore and tales of witchcraft, it’s situated just in the East of Camiguin. Several white sand beaches and marine sanctuaries exist on this island but the major highlight of this island are the Cambugahay Falls defined by its cascades and dazzling turquoise waters. Islas de Gigantes, Iloilo Still to discover are the lesser known islands in the province of IIoilo, ten islands sit unspoiled and uncrowded at the center of Philippines. A tour around these islands in the province of lloilo usually includes en route stops at the Bantigue Island, Cabugao Gamay, Bakwitan Cave, and Antonia Beach. It’s usually a great opportunity for nice stunning views. Another perfect treat to wow you on these islands is tasting on the available seafood particularly scallops, therefore seafood lovers you are in a right place to meet your interests. Malapascua Island, Cebu Malapascua Island, Cebu This island of Malapascua situated in the north of mainland Cebu is popularly known for its remarkable diving sites. It also boasts majestic manta rays and thresher sharks. This amazing site to go diving attracts in huge percentage of visitors from different parts of the World per year. Its characterized beaches available wow most of visitors who opt for day spending’s in this charming piece of paradise. Pamalican Island, Palawan Palawan itself is a true mecca for island escapes. Amongst its islands, Pamalican is a great choice for those who expect luxurious resorts, comfortable spas. Pamilican nestles in the north east of Palawan. This island is a popular home to exclusive Amanpulo resorts which are run by the Aman resorts international group of hotels. Matinloc Island, Palawan Nestled in the province of Palawan, Matinloc Island is a must while in Philippines. It features a diverse range of most famous attractions in Philippines including Matinloc shrine, Hidden beach, Secret beach and more. Reaching there you will be amazed by the available iconic limestone formations. A day tour to this island can let you encounter all these attractions on list at once, this is really a great addition for your Philippines holiday vacation. Recommended Reading: 5 Asia Islands you should visit Miniloc Island, Palawan Like Matinloc, this island is also located in the province of Palawan. It is mostly known for its astonishing aquamarine lagoons including secret lagoon, small lagoon and big lagoon. Visitors to this exciting place usually explore these wonders of nature with kayaking being the second option to be inclusive. Kayaks are usually available on site for rent at affordable prices
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