If you are looking for a fun-packed holiday, filled with nature touches in Africa, Tanzania is a fantastic place to be. The country boasts wide collections of national parks, beautiful spots where wild animals consider as home. Abel, our travel expert in Tanzania reveals some of the best safari destinations in the country: Adventure on a Safari in Serengeti National Park Recognized as a Unesco Heritage site, Serengeti National Park is famous place to spot zebras, wildebeests and their annual immigration. It is said that the park offers the best chance to enjoy face-to-face game in open air. While the game on jeep takes you through the lush land expanding over 1,5 hectares of savannah forest, Balloon Safari provides the best photogenic chances. Tailor made safari to Serengeti National Park safari can be from 3 to 7 days. Ngorongoro Crater Formed by a volcanic eruption millions years ago, Ngorongoro is a fascinating living museum representing the diversity of exotic African animal including buffalos, lions, rhinos and Black Rhino.The site is now also titled as a Unesco Heritage and there are choices of game drives to let you absorb in the wildlife inside the conservational area. Mahale Mountains If you think about the place to photograph chimpanzees in biggest number then Mahale Mountains is the place you are seeking.With over 1000 chimpanzees in the park and the remoteness of the area, the adventure in Mahale will surely make you excited. Stretching for more than 20 sq. miles, Mahale is also a popular birding site in the country exposing some to 200 bird species, including the rare fish eagle. safari Tarangire National Park For those who want to see the wildlife in a more secluded location, Tarangire National Park is a true hidden gem. The park may not offer the Great Migration but delighting adventure without another soul in sight will impress you very much. According to local tour guides, Tarangire is at its best during the dry season when most when most of the game concentrates around the river. What makes the game drive here more interesting is the glimpse of Masai indigenous culture as you pass their villages, stopping for traditional workshops. Lake Manyara Lake Manyara may be small in size ( about 330 sq. kms) but very rich for its eco diversity. There are up to 11 unique ecosystems and this allows all kinds of species to flourish here. Local tour operators now organize many safaris to the area which allows you to meet the friendly elephants, pink flamingos and tree-climbing lions. The surrounding areas also presents wildebeest, blue monkey, giraffe, zebra, leopard, baboon, water-buck, impala, buffalo and warthog. Reaching the lake from July to October, your adventures turn more scenic than usual. RECOMMENDATION African Exposure has been working in tourism field for years with various experience to organize safaris in Tanzania. They do not only provide tailor made adventures but also give you the expert knowledge for the country. Contact them at
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