Bangkok is a vibrant city. It is one of the most exciting places where you get face-to-face with Asia spirits. Whether you are seeking for fun, comfort, some stunning travel experiences face-to-face with pagodas, exotic markets, Bangkok has something to offer you all. To claim your Bangkok visit, these are some of the best things to do you should try : See Grand Palace For first timer, Grand Palace is not only a tourist attraction. It shows you the rich history of Bangkok from 1782. For 50 years of being known as home of Thai King, Grand Palace still boasts beautiful architect. A guided tour to Grand Palace will reveal you also the story of Temple of the Emerald Budda – Wat Phra Kaew. china town Explore China Town ” Exotic, colorful and fun-packed” are what we describe about China town in Bangkok. It is simply a perfect place to have a glimpse of China from writing to culture, from shops to restaurant and pagoda. The area turns to be very exciting during its festive time, especially in the New Year Eve – February. chao praya See Bangkok through Chao Phraya River Chao Phraya offers a very enjoyable way to appreciate the beauty of Bangkok. There are photogenic chances to capture the daily life on the river banks, water-taxis, unique food stalls and markets but more importantly, you can view the most notable landmarks by taking a river cruise as well. thai noodle Embark on a Street Food Tour Have you ever heard about Thai food ? if this is one of the main reason why you visit Thailand then register for a food tour is reasonable. The food is always fresh by the street side ! The taste is authentic from famous Tom Yum soup to delicious Pad Thai, Tom Kha Kai. These days, there are so wide choices from travel agents to enjoy this interest ranging from eye catching cooking class to easy food walks. bangkok market Chatuchak Weekend Market Home to some 8,000 stalls; Chatauchak Market is now a popular stop not for shopping but seeing the life as a local. At the weekend, the visitors are about 200,000 people making the market a very busy place. Diverse collection from clothes, silks to food and other items are exhibited here. Relax for a Thai Massage Thailand is famous for its massage worldwide. If you can not afford a luxury one, do not worry, you have plenty choices for different prices. Generally, Thai massage is relaxing and enjoyable. If you are interested in Meditation and Yoga, Bangkok also has something to propse. Check out the list of Best Yoga Studios in Bangkok for more reference.
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