Chiang Mai is a very inspirational destination in north Thailand. It is known as the best place for adventures in the country. Yet, Chiang Mai has more than that to seduces visitors. From fun-filled elephant camp to vibrant towns with many festivals, from postcard rice terraces to pleasant river journey, here are some of the best things you should do in Chiang Mai : Tour of the Old City on Tuk Tuk Exploring the old town on Tuk Tuk gives you a true sense of Chiang Mai. The characterized flat shaded streets in the city are made up of history ranked to be perfect for an exceptional leisure wheel drive, this exciting adventure tour usually starts from the Tha Phae gate to the city Navel then from there its bright white Buddha up to the Vigorous Somphet Market where you will get plenty of tasty fruits and vegetable. See also : Top things to do in Bangkok A Visit to Doi Suthep This is ranked to be one of the popularly known exciting attractions to visit while on an exciting tour around the fantastic Chiang Mai, it is usually prioritized by most of local travel agencies in Thailand on the clients’ bucket list of things to see while in Chiang Mai Doi Suthep is a mountain standing at 5400 meters above sea level, it is situated just about 12 kilometers outside of Chiang Mai city, it usually offer a great view of the all Chiang Mai city. The Theravada Buddhist temple popularly known as Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is also found here, it is home to the large white elephant shrine and the replica of the Emerald Buddha. Additionally it’s also a 13th century temple. Nice Boat Trip on the Mae Ping River This exciting two hour adventure which include a boat ride along the Mae Ping River is a great opportunity to be exposed to the beautiful sceneries along the river as well as traditional teak houses and huge rural greenery along the wat. Several local operators are offering this exciting adventure to different clients from within the country and different countries of the World. It usually includes a forty five minute ride before you stop for the exciting lunch at the local famer’s house. Production of jasmine rice is another thing to see on the stop over plus relaxing in the ravishing gardens. chiang mai terrace Visit Doi Inthanon National Park This Park is popularly known to be the home to the highest Mountain in the Amazing Thailand which stands at 2565 meters high, this Park covers a total area of 482 square kilometers. Besides being home to the highest mountain in Thailand, it’s also rated to be one of the best birding hotspots in Thailand. Doi Inthanon National Park is recorded with highest numbers of different bird species than any other place in Thailand. chiang mai food Have a Taste on Khao Soi This is most famous in the Northern part of Thailand, it usually includes coconut with curry relished soup filled with yellow egg noodles and chicken, it will usually be served with a small plate which include a wedge of lime, pickled green mustard and chopped red onions. Do not miss out tasting on this exciting and delicious cuisine while in Chiang Mai. elephant camp chiang mai See Elephants in the Sanctuary Visit this exciting Sanctuary and see the rescued Elephants doing different daily activities which include playing in Mud, bath and you can also participate in the feeding activity. Have Coffee at Cat cafe. Chiang Mai is also now recorded with this cafe although it was more popular in Japan and China, it’s designed to fit its name pictured with lots of spaceships and cats floating around furnishing the walls, currently fifteen cats are living in this place. Prices for the drinks here are a bit lower than a normal cafe. Did you know Chiang Mai is listed in our Honeymoon Destinations Asia ? Exciting Visit to Wat Phra Singh This is a Buddhist temple which was founded in the 14th century, it usually receive huge percentage of tourists per day who drop in for its exciting history. Over seven hundred Monks are available to feed the tourists with more information about this exciting Place. Its largest building is the assembly hall which was rebuilt in 1925. Enjoy Bartering at the Night Bazaar During day it’s just Chang Klan Road but at night the all place just lights up and thousands of traders line along the road selling different goods with no price tag and exchange of goods is encouraged. This kind of market usually occurs once in a year. festival chiang mai Photo: Ashit Desai Participate in the Exciting Loi Krathong Festival This is the most celebrated festival in Chiang Mai and it’s an annual event which occurs in the twelfth lunar month. A basket which is shaped like a lotus with a candle seated in the center of it is called a Krathong, this is usually placed in the water which surrounds part of Chiang Mai to float for some distance and this is done to show respect to the Buddha. For those considering to be part of this exciting festival it’s advised and recommended that you book in advance because the hotels tend be filled up during this season for the Festival. Enjoy your beautiful moments while in Chiang Mai.
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