Costa Rica is a paradise for eco travelers in America. The wealth that it boasts through wealthy forest, incredible coast with unparalleled surfing spots and the country strategy for sustainable tourism are the main lure you can find in Costa Rica. The list of top things to do hence seems to be endless. Here, we have just picked some of the most exciting experiences you should delve into : Go Birdwatching in Carara If you have a special fetish for bird watching as many tourists have, head to the Carara National Park and you can discover a whole lot of avian species. You might spot a few endangered species and rare ones like cuckoos, macaw, scarlet, quetzal, tanagers and you can find more than 450 birds living here. If you are in Costa Rica, visiting this park is a must if you love nature and its beings. Carara covers a huge 13,000 acres and is a home to various types of wildlife including tigers, crocodiles, sloths, monkeys, deer, peccaries and armadillos. Scuba Diving in the Drake Bay If you love to drive to a serene place, just zip zap zoom away to the Drake bay for some awesome scuba diving experience, its one of the coolest places in Costa Rica. From the Drake Bay, you can set for the Cano Island, a wonderland which is absolutely a treat for the nature lovers. This area is not affected by the seasonal rains; therefore, there are no visibility issues like other diving zones. Other reasons why this place is best for diving is that there are marvelous tunnels and archways for swimming so that you don’t have to go too much deep to see sea life. Apart from this, you can also indulge in mangrove tours which are too much fun and discover much more in the Osa Peninsula. Horseback riding What is Costa Rica without horseback riding? When you are making a list of ‘To Do’ things, you must include this fun activity. Ride a horseback to explore the massive and beautiful landscape, the mountains and the beaches. If you wish to experience horseback gallop during sunset, go to Playa Samara waterfall costa rica Photo: ncs1984/flickr Enjoy a free-flowing waterfall Who does not love admiring a waterfall? The El Chorro Waterfall is a splendid creation of nature, an amazing attraction for tourists. It’s awesome to gaze at the waterfall that meets the Pacific Ocean. You can easily ride a horseback to reach the fall but its best to leave right in the morning for this attraction. You can also visit another waterfall located in ‘Tenorio Volcano National Park’ named as Rio Celeste Waterfall. The waterfall initiates where the Celeste River shatters over a cliff and again falls into a pool. The color of the water is gorgeous blue due to the combination of calcium carbonate and sulfur. Cruise and sunset Does this sound like a perfect combination? Well, for the romantics in Costa Rica, you can’t be home without going on a cruise during the sunset in Guanacaste, a very attractive beach. Almost all the beach towns here offer cruise along with snacks, drinks, music and snorkelling. You can also spot dolphins, whales and a bit of marine life. Be there with your loved one!! Sky adventures in Arenal The Sky Trek conducted by Arenal Sky Adventures is one of the best zip linings just above the rainforest. Here you can see one of the main Costa Rica attractions, the Arenal volcano and you simply cannot miss it. This sky trek is thrilling and it starts with ‘open-air gondola’ ride that takes you high up so that you can have an amazing view deep down. If you wish to take part some more of sky thing, opt for the Sky Walk which involves walking across trails and suspension bridges and you can view the exotic flora and fauna of the forest land in a different way. Apart from these you can go to some of the nearby hot springs. Come to San Jose San Jose is the capital city for exploring the antique and delicate collections at the Jade Museum and also the Pre-Columbian Museum. You can relax and unwind yourself in this city and you might also be awestruck by the sophistication it offers to the tourists with luxurious hotels, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, attractive shops and shopping arcades. It’s a city where you have a lot to explore.
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