There is always something to do in Nashville; the city caters to visitors of all types. Most people come to Nashville for its vibrant music scene; music has always been the common thread that has connected the life and soul of the city to its inhabitants. Visitors understand this, and they venture to the city to experience its cultural, musical and social dynamic. What Should You See In Nashville? Grand Ole Opry Back in 1925, the Grand Ole Opry started out as a radio broadcast; today, it still provides live entertainment to millions of people yearly. The Opry is one of Nashville’s biggest tourist attractions. People use radio, Internet and television to watch the show. Most of the time, performances take place at the Grand Ole Opry House, but sometimes you can catch a show at the Ryman Auditorium. You never know who is going to stop by to perform; they book acts without telling people who will be there in advance. People love the mystique and surprises that the Opry offers. hall of fame nashville Country Music Hall Of Fame There are many new music acts in Nashville; with acts like Heather Linkenheimer Music, it can be easy to forget about the past. The Country Music Hall of Fame showcases country music history to all of its visitors. As a guest, you can take a self-guided tour through their two floors of exhibits. There’s a lot of information in the museum; they do a great job of showing people how music developed and changed in the city of Nashville. There are tons of exhibits, instruments and other memorabilia to look at; if you take your time to look at everything, you can spend the better part of a day there. If you get lucky and go at the right time, you can witness a taping of the television shows they record there. General Jackson Showboat The General Jackson Showboat is the perfect place to find fun, romance and dancing. Taking a cruise is a great way to experience the best entertainment that Nashville has to offer. They run both midday and dinner cruises that include food and entertainment. The atmosphere on the cruise is great; it’s something that visitors to Nashville really need to see. the hemitage The Hermitage The Hermitage is the former home of President Andrew Jackson; visiting the Hermitage is a great way to spend the afternoon. In the Hermitage, you learn about President Andrew Jackson’s role in Nashville’s history. It’s fun to look at his home and imagine what he had to go through when he was alive; they do a great job of showing you what life was like back in the 1800’s. The tour takes about two hours, and it includes a film and several exhibits. The hermitage also has a museum, gift shop and restaurant. Nashville is a hub where art and entertainment have developed for more than 200 years. Its reputation as Music City is one that is known around the world. If you get a chance, visit Nashville to experience a city that is full of culture, good food and fun exhibits.
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