New Delhi is one of the most exotic cities in Asia, boasting the time less charm through its old town as well bustling life with skyscrapers. Within the boundary of the city, you are offered chances to grab some of the finest British legacies like colonial-era parliament, signature high tea. Yet, to acclaim your visit of New Delhi, these are the best you should soak in : Red Fort The Red Fort (Lal Quila) is a fascinating historical British architecture having huge walls built of Red stone. Inside you will find monuments crafted of sandstone, marble and other precious stones. You will love to visit this ancient site that lies on the banks of River Yamuna. In the evening, except on Mondays, you can enjoy the flashy light and sound show. Jama Masjid Photo : Gajendra Pal Choudhary Jama Masjid Just opposite to the Red Fort is the largest Mosque in India, The Jama Masjid. This mosque has 3 gateways, 2 minarets (each 40 meters high), 4 angle towers and there are alternate strips of marble and red sandstone vertically placed. You must not miss the stunning view of the mosque when in Delhi. Qutub Minar Qutub Minar You must see this amazing 240-foot minar having 5 stories. The tower is built of sandstone, marble and red stone. This structure is worth seeing when you set out in New Delhi to see monuments. lotus temple Lotus temple This temple is an awesome lotus-shaped design and this exclusive temple has won many awards. While visiting monuments and historical structures, do not miss out this temple. new dehli food Try Delhi foods Dilli ki chaat is all about tangy street foods like papri chaat (wafers mixed with potato, curd, chickpeas and Indian spices). Golgappas are a must try which is hollow dough fried and stuffed with potatoes and Indian spices. For aromatic spicy Indian food head to ‘Paranthe wale gali’ and you can taste various dishes. Read also : Top Things to do in India Taj Mahal New Dehli The Taj Mahal Once you have explored New Delhi, its time for Agra, the capital of Delhi. Agra houses the very famous structure, The Taj Mahal, an epitome of true love; The Taj Mahal is one of the 7 wonders of the world. It’s a majestic structure built of white marble and on the banks of River Yamuna. Don’t miss the grandeur of The Taj during Delhi visit.
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