Walk on the Charles Bridge Charles Bridge attracts thousands of visitors every day to Prague as it is famous due to the superstitious thoughts attached to it. It is said that the construction of bridge was started keeping in mind the time of sun setting so that bridge remains strong and sturdy. The bridge is vast, strong and beautiful, and is a perfect place to catch the glimpse of Prague! Read books in the Clementinum Europe is indeed known for its ancient buildings and the Clementinum is one of the most famous buildings in Prague. Housing millions books, the Clementinum is a public library that attracts many book nerds every day. Having a diverse and huge collection of books from all genres and providing a cozy place for the book lovers, this place is a dream for all the book readers. Visit the Prague Zoo Considered as a major tourist attraction, the Prague Zoo is surely an enigma! Many people visit this zoo for a splendid experience of phenomenal biodiversity. This Zoo is a habitat to diverse species of birds and animals, and is particularly loved by everyone! Spend your evening in the Prague Municipal House Prague Municipal House is a civic building which has an outstanding architecture. It has been used for holding different concerts as well. With beautiful balcony and a huge central dome, this building looks very impressive. Moreover, the décor from the inside is also great with lavish furniture adorning the rooms. If you love the grand structures, then this place is a must-visit place for you! Spend some time at the Church of Our Lady before Týn With the two huge and tall spires and flaunting an impressive main entrance, this place exhibits some of the finest architecture. You can also find tombs inside this place. The interior of this church is also great as there are some of the most oldest and historic sculpture and altarpiece paintings inside it. Go to the Old Town (Staré Město) You cannot say goodbye to Prague unless you have been to the Old Town Square that is a center of dozens of old churches and also has a huge Astronomical Clock. You can get a magnificent view of Prague from this place! Get Captivated by the Prague’s Jewish Quarter An interesting structure with a Jewish museum inside it, this place is the perfect spot to take a walk and gaze upon. The museum has different Synagogues and an Old Jewish Cemetery as well. The highlights of this place is the roomy and spacious Ceremonial Hall which is quite famous among the residents of Prague. Appreciate the Art at the National Gallery in Prague If you are an art lover and want to take a look at the timeless pieces from the past, then you must stop by the National Gallery in Prague. Housing different art collections from some of the much acclaimed Czech artists, this gallery houses marvels from the world of art. You can witness sculptures and paintings here alongside other forms of art. Whether it’s the Italian art you want to see, or anything from Roman or Greek Era, this gallery has everything in store for you!
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