Spain is full of delightful experiences. Whether you are seeking for a world class beach escape, exciting festival or sampling the medieval architect, the country has more to surprise you. Among thousand things you should do in Spain, these prominent highlights are easy to catch: La Tomatina festival in Bunol This is on everyone’s bucket list, a world-famous festival. Start off with a great Paella feast and the next morning a huge crowd gathers on the streets. People have tomatoes in their hands, ready to throw at each other. The trick is to squeeze the tomatoes before throwing and soon you see everyone reddish. This food fight is too much fun. tapas When in Spain, Eat Tapas Try Tapas in different bars of Spain and they might offer you a pint with each small portion of the meal. Some of the best dishes with cheese are patatas, tortillas, bravas and chorizo meals. No missing on Tapas when in Spain, you might even get it for free. Running with bulls in Pamplona This is a jaw-dropping event, running with the bulls require enough guts. Go and watch this and you would be thinking about it for quite some time. It will ring your mind even after you come back from the event. Such blood thirsty game, so many casualties happening every year yet people participate. Such risky sport! Alhambra in Granada This colossal fortress is worth visiting in the city of Granada. This is one of the best places to take some awesome snaps. Visit between March and October, the fortress is open during this time. Dear tourists, it’s not perfect for a winter visit at all. Skiing the Sierra Nevada Peaks Book your stay at the Sierra Nevada Ski Resorts for getting a chance to ski this popular peak. Soon after skiing, go straight to the resort beach to get a perfect tan. There are lots of interesting things to do here at the Sierra Nevada. Watch the Flamenco Dance at a gipsy wedding The love of traditional Flamenco is blatant because it renders a lusty yet relaxed atmosphere. The folk Flamenco is a bit uncanny; every dance move is prepared to take immense time. It has a very orthodox framework and rhythm. Its something different one gets to see in Spain. Attend a gipsy wedding, walk into a bar or in any of the prison there. Visit Camp Nou Would anyone come back from Spain without seeing the huge Barcelonia Football stadium? Football lovers can collect tickets for any match going on there and others can simply visit. There is no worry if you are alone, get a companion from any nearby bar. Party and Party in Ibiza Ibiza is the biggest party zone; the best time is from April to October. The opening parties and ending parties are absolutely memorable. Reach there with a heavy wallet and just go clubbing. Attend Benicassim festival Benicassim is Spain’s most popular music festival. It’s gaining popularity with every passing year. Attend the four days beach celebration and get busy in rocking, drinking and dancing to music.
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