Cambodia is a very eye opening country which will attract every visitors not only because of its magnificent Angkor Wat but also for its cultural charms. From vibrant Siem Reap to pristine beach of Koh Rong, these top Cambodia experiences are highlighted recommended : Majestic Angkor Temples The iconic image of Cambodia Tourism comes from Angkor Wat but once you are in the realm of Angkor temple, it is hard to resist exploring the sacred temples of Angkor Thom or Ta Prohm. Angkor had been recognized as a Unesco World Heritage site in 1992. There are certain reason that it remains one of the hottest destinations in Southeast Asia. Kratie Waterway This fascinating area boasts a wide array of French colonial heritages that reflects clearly through its buildings. While its rural landscapes demonstrates the authentic local life, adventure-minded travel head to Kratie mainly to spot the Irrawaddy Dolphin that remains only in few countries in the world. Song Saa Island Song Sa could be considered as a treasure of Cambodia, out of the ordinary tourist path. This luxury resort-island has everything to seduce you from pampering Khmer spa to world class, sandy beach. If you expect a further oceanic excursion, plan ahead your travel, you will feel happy there ! Koh Tang Island For those who are eager for a diving trip, exploring the clear ocean with diverse marine life in Cambodia, Koh Tang is simply the top choice. The island offers eight popular diving points where you will capture a wealth of underwater life. To reach Koh Tang, take Sihanoukville as your main base. Koh Ker This hidden archaeological site should be listed on Top things to do in Cambodia for visitors who want to travel differently. Built as a capital from 928 to 944 AD, Koh Ker was not officially recognized by imperial family but its rich history is something you should be curious of. Koh Ker is now surrounded by jungle and still out of the tourism radar. See it now until it becomes touristic. Recommendation for Tour Operator in Cambodia : Merry Travel is a dynamic tour operator bases in Siem Reap. The team is pioneer in offering incredible adventures off beaten track while you can find classic tour packages to uncover the highlights of Cambodia. Contact :
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