Vietnam is a country of pant and deep cultures. Festivals are celebrated based on reality which deviate from culture to culture. Their festivals are based on Lunar Calendar. So those who are interested in learning culture of different vicinity then you should plan a cheap Vietnam Holidays tour because there the festival is celebrated around the year. Most of the interesting festivals are celebrated in the month of January and February in Vietnam. Here we are sharing the descriptions of festivals in short: Lunar New Year (Tet) It is a far-famed occasion of Vietnamese. This sacred festival happens depending on lunar calendar but normally it is in between late January or early February. Vietnamese are always thrilled about this festival; hence their excitement arises as soon as the spring arises. This time all the Vietnamese wherever on the earth they would be will return back to their homeland to be in celebrations. The festival includes: drinking, eating and social activities and the duration of it could be from 3 days to nearly a week. It is the time to have family reunion whether it is a deceased ancestor or posterity. It is an opportunity of family genie to meet, it includes: Kitchen God, Craft Creator and the Land Genie. This festival holds the family together. They have traditional foods like banh chung, mang and xoi gac. At the end they visit local temples. If you visit Vietnam during this season you can watch pink forests moving on the street. A pink forest is actually small peach tree which is a symbol of good fortune. Lim Festival This festival is celebrated in Lim which is a village located 18 kilometers away from Hanoi. They perform special folk songs during the festival known as Quan Ho. The countries best Quan Ho singers are called to perform this event. The male singers are called “lien anh” and the female singers are called “lien chi”. Thousands of visitors come there to enjoy their dialogue performances. The travelers come to see the weaving competition of No Due girls at Lim Festival. The procession of worshiping ceremonies takes place at the pagodas. There is one interesting traditional game played at the pagodas in which a adolescent girl has to take care of unknown baby, chew pieces of cane in order to create fuel which helps to maintain fire to cook rice, and prevent a frog to move out of the circle. If at any moment the baby cries then the girl has to spit the cane out, but if she does this the rice won’t cook and the frog would escape from the circle. Thus the girl would get disqualified. Ba Festival Nui Ba is actually a mountain located in the heart of Mekong Delta which is 11 kilometers downtown from Tay Ninh. According to a fable, the mountain is named in the memory of a young woman Denh alias Den. You can also find a sculpture of her there made of black bronze. To reach there you first have to climb half of the mountain to Saint Linh Son’s house, and follow the path to pagoda. In pagoda they provide vegetarian meal to the travelers or visitor who came their. The traveler can eat as much as he wants but he has to provide some money to pagoda depending on the money the tourist have.
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