Travelling to a country that does not share your native language can prove to be difficult if you do not select the right areas to travel in. This is extremely relevant if you are travelling with kids. This article will help you evaluate your own needs and decide where to take your kids skiing in Japan. Niseko As a popular destination for Australians, Niseko ski resort staff and instructors have excellent English skills, making it a great place to take your children skiing in Japan. Without an extreme culture shock, children can quickly adapt to the new environment and take advantage of the powder snow and good terrain that is suitable for all skill levels. The facilities are reasonably priced, but there is limited access to ATMs so you should follow a budget and bring cash. photo: Masato Furano With organised activities that are designed specifically for children and activities designed specifically for kids, Furano is a good holiday destination. If you were looking to expose your children to Japanese culture, Furano would be a better option than Niseko because it is less westernised. Another benefit to bringing your kids to Furano is that kids under twelve years ski for free. Madarao If you are looking for a location in Japan that offers skiing conditions for everyone in the family, Madarao may be the place for you. Madarao has a kid’s park, a free ride park, tree skiing, groomed runs and ungroomed runs. No matter what skill level members of your family are, Madarao is very well rounded and capable of catering to anyone. Check out: Top Things to do in Japan Nozawa Onsen This skiing location fulfils the requirement of providing English-based skiing lessons for you and your children. The family destination has a free rest station for children called the ‘Naski Room’ and it also provides great child care services with fully qualified workers. In addition, Nozawa Onsen is a unique experience with its combination of hot springs and skiing. photo: Ivan Chiu Rusutsu Rusutsu is well suited for families and is less busy than locations such as Niseko, making it easier to keep track of your children. Rusutsu’s quiet nightlife is suitable for families travelling with children. There are plenty of activities designed for children and families during the daytime and in the afternoon.
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