There are reasons to visit Japan. It is undoubtedly one of the most significant travel destinations in Asia and really different from any country you have known. For those, who are keen on capturing the highlights of Japan, these travel experiences are the must-dos : Hiking at Mt. Fuji When you think of Japan, you cannot leave out Mount Fuji, the sacred mountain. This is Japan’s highest peak; it’s very rocky and steep. The official trekking season starts from July and continues till mid-September. If you have the passion for adventure, go for a hiking at Mt.Fuji. Stay in a temple overnight in Mount Koya Mount Koya is a pilgrimage site since ancient times and it’s a privilege to stay with the monks at any of the mountaintop Koya temples. You can stay at the Eko-in for an amazing and tranquil experience. Enjoy a vegetarian dinner and joins the monks for a Morning Prayer session. Soak in an onsen Japan has 110 active volcanoes and this is why there is a number of hot springs in the country. In a majority of the hot springs, you can find onsen spots for ultimate relaxation. The onsen is a public bathing place since traditional times and is mostly located in the country outskirts. People believe that onsen waters have immense healing power as well. Riding the Shinkansen Tokyo is well connected to the three best islands of Japan – Kyushu, Honshu and Hokkaido. The means of the network is high-speed bullet trains that run and a speed of 320 km/hour. These trains never get a second late to depart, enjoy a ride in the bullet trains. Enjoy Tuna auctions at Tsukiji Fish Market This fish market is the biggest wholesale global market and visits early morning to see Tuna auctions. The auctions are very exciting and the sessions start at early 3 am. Only 120 people are permitted to watch this thrilling show. Hiking at the Northern Alps The Japanese Northern Alps is simply breathtaking, its one of the best hiking grounds. The summer season is the best time to indulge in challenging hiking activity. Climb up to get a view of the 10,000 ft peak, the green forests and the scenic beauty of nature. Take a day off to Naoshima Art Island This tiny island is a combination of stunning beach views, modern art and great eating joints. Do visit the underground Chichu Art Museum and its awesome inside. At night book the Open Night Sky program and enjoy the 45 minutes of sunset. Do not miss this spot! Discover the Harry Potter world at Universal Studios Harry Potter is almost everybody’s favorite and to see the wizarding world, go to Universal Studios Japan. Inside there are fun activities related to Potter scenes and everything inside is Harry Potter themed. Get a free entry here and get closer to Potter.
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